Dutch blue

The Inspiration for the “Dutch blue” series comes from the artistry of the Dutch tiles made throughout  the centuries. It’s a contemporary  approach on the designs, color and composition of earthenware and porcelain. All works are ink on watercolour paper. This series is on display throughout July   2018 in Gallery 505 in Frederick. Opening, Saturday July 7 5-9PM



Currently running at GALLERY211, Baltimore.

on memory

on memory back



People ask me a lot;  Did you change after the event? Does your art change?

Well, I used to be an evening person, now I’m a whole day person.



Good morning

Drawing ,02/05/17. What was that dream again? Ink and pastel.



Poetry in motion

I have the pleasure of meeting some poets over the years, they all became good friends. I think poets can relate the agony and ecstasy of artistry. This relationship helped me exploring my drawings and ideas in a different and new way.

The drawing ” Thinking in space” is an automatic writing drawing/poem. Ink and pastel.



Dreaming of the garden

Drawing 02/02/17p1340131

Drawing, a love story.

I always start my day with a drawing, like  a morning meditation. It flows out of what was during the night and surprises me during the day.

I don’t necessarily use those as outlines for future paintings, they just stand on their own. No intention for style, beauty or composition, just impressions.

I will post some of them in the next weeks. # 01/26/2016, cloudsp1340130

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